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Updated, Sorted, Tablized by Maev. Tidied up by Durinthiam. Orginal information from SproBeGrga forum table.
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Item Planet NPC
Agitator Motor Lok Canyon Corsair NPCs
Agitator Motor Schematic Lok Mercenaries, Canyon Corsair Captains
Bio-Engineer Poster Tatooine, Corellia Jabba NPCs, Valarian NPC's, Swooper Leader, Hutt NPCs, Dune Stalker, Desert Demons
Blank Canvas Tatooine, Corellia, Talus Valarian NPC's, Swooper Leader, Sleemo NPCs
Blue Wire Talus Binyare NPCs
Broken Datapad All Planets Stormtroopers
Broken Hand-Held Viewscreen (Grey) Corellia, Talus, Tatooine Meatlumps, Sleemo NPCs, Thugs at Kor Vella, Binyare NPCs, Jawas, Droideka, Valarian NPCs, Swooper Leader, Jabba NPCs
Broken Hand-Held Viewscreen (Tan) Corellia, Naboo Meatlumps, Mummer NPCs
Bubble Tank Schematic Lok Nyms Droideka
Cantina Chair Schematic Tatooine Jabba NPCs
Carbine Enhancer Tatooine, Corellia Jabba NPCs, Swoopers, Meatlumps, 'named' NPCs, Hidden Dagger NPCs
Cargo Port Painting Corellia, Tatooine, Yavin Swooper Leader, Evil Settlers, Jabba NPCs, Valarian NPCs
Carved Bowl Schematic Naboo Borvo NPCs
Corellia Skyscraper Painting Tatooine Valarian NPCs
Corrupt Data Disk Corellia, Naboo Thugs, Mummer Bully, Meatlumps, Beladonna NPCs
Closed Basket Schematic Naboo, Tatooine Borvo NPCs, Moisture Thieves
Cheap Copper Battery Corellia Meatlumps
Chemical Recycler Schematic Talus A'aukuan NPCs
Creature Recycler Schematic Tatooine Alkara Bandits
Data Terminal Schematic All Planets Rebel Surface Marshall
Datapad Backlight Corellia, Rori, Talus Beladonna NPCs, Neo-Cobral NPCs, Aa'kuans
Datapad Battery Lok, Talus Canyon Corsairs, Aa'kuans
Datapad Connectors Corellia, Talus Beladonna NPCs, Aa'kuans
Datapad Housing Corellia, Talus Beladonna NPCs, Aa'kuans
Datadisk Reader Corellia Beladonna NPCs
Datadisk Repair Kit Talus Neo Cobrals, Flail Killers
Defensive Stance (Teras Kasi) Yavin Hutt Expeditionary Forces
Double Helix Poster N/A Made from Picture Printer or Viewscreen Printer Assembly Kit.
Droid Battery Talus Aakun NPCs, Lost Aqualish NPCs
Droid Body Schematic Corellia Meatlumps
Droid In Contrast N/A Made from Picture Printer or Viewscreen Printer Assembly Kit.
Dud Firework Lok, Corellia Canyon Corsair NPCs, Meatlumps, Chunker NPCs
Elegant Cabinet Schematic Tatooine Weequay NPCs
Fat Bottle Schematic Naboo Borvo NPCs
Feed Tubes Tatooine Tusken NPCs
Firework Casing Rori Kobola NPCs
Fireworks Packager Kit Rori Kobola NPCs
Flora Pulverizer Schematic Lok Blood Razor NPCs
Freedom Poster Yavin, Tatooine, Corellia Hutt Expeditionary Forces, Valarian NPCs, Hidden Dagger NPCs
Gaming Table Schematic Corellia, Tatooine Swooper Leader, Jabba NPCs, Desert Demon NPCs, Dune Stalkers
Heating Element Talus Binayre Pirates/Smugglers
Kitchen Utensils Schematic Naboo Plasma Thieves, 'named NPCs'
Magnetic Burner Corellia, Tatooine, Talus Thugs, Tipper Muggers, Jabba Thugs, Hidden Dagger NPCs, Flail Killers
Magnetic Reader Corellia, Tatooine Thugs, Tipper Muggers, Jabba Thugs
Metal Smelter Schematic Lok Canyon Corsairs NPCs, Elite Canyon Corsairs
No Division Poster All Planets, Corellia Stormtroopers, Beladonna NPCs
Ore Recycler Schematic Rori Kobola NPCs
Packaged Flash Powder Rori Kobola NPCs
Paint Cartridge Corellia, Tatooine, Talus Swooper Leader, Dune Stalkers, Sleemo NPCs, Moisture Thieves, Skaak Tippers
Paint Disperser Corellia, Talus Swooper Leader, Sleemo NPCs
Palm Frond Tatooine Dim-U NPCs
Party Poster Yavin, Corellia, Tatooine, Naboo Alkhara NPCs, Valarian NPCs, Hutt NPCs, 'named' NPCs, Mummer NPCs, Hidden Dagger NPCs, Swooper Leaders, Jabba NPCs
Pear Shaped Bottle Naboo Borvo NPCs
Picture Printers Tatooine, Talus, Corellia, Naboo (ST)Stormtroopers?, Evil Settlers, Binyare NPCs, Sleemo NPCs, 'named' NPCs, Valerian NPCs, Mummer NPCs, Swooper Leaders, Jabba NPCs
Pistol Enhancers Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo Jabba NPCs, Swoopers, Meatlumps, 'named' NPCs, Mummer NPCs, Beladonna NPCs
Plain Bowl Schematic Naboo Borvo NPCs,
Polearm Enhancer Corellia, Talus Flail NPCs, Binyare NPCs
Portable Stove Schematic Naboo Mauler Lords
Processor Attachment Talus Chunker NPCs
Pulverizer Talus Chunker NPCs
Radar Map Schematic All Planets Rebel NPCs
Radio Schematic Corellia Meatlumps
Recovery Software Corellia Thugs, Tipper Muggers, Hidden Dagger NPCs
Red Wire Talus Chunker NPCs, Binyare Pirates
Rifle Enhancer Rori, Corellia Thugs, Beladonna NPCs
RIS one Painting Tatooine, Yavin Jabba NPCs, Dim-U NPCs, Hutt NPCs
Skinned Hide Schematic Tatooine Tuskens
Slave Brazier Tatooine Jabba NPCs
Small Power Motor Lok Canyon Corsairs
Small Cantina Seat Schematic Tatooine Jabba NPCs
Spear Display Schematic Tatooine, Dantooine Tuskens, Janta, Kunga
Spitting Rawl Poster Yavin, Tatooine Hutt NPCs, Jabba Enforcer, Dim-U NPCs
Spinner Blades Corellia Hidden Dagger Extremists/Activists
Street Lamp Schematic Corellia Meatlumps
Tall Bottle Schematic Naboo Borvo NPCs
Technical Console Schematic All Planets Rebel/Imperial Officers (High Rank?)
Throw Pillow Schematic Naboo Borvo NPCs
Tumbler Blender Schematic Rori Kobola NPCs
Two-Handed Enhancer Tatooine, Corellia Jabba NPCs, Swoopers, Meatlumps, 'named' NPCs
Unarmed Enhancer Tatooine Dim-U Monks
Valley View Yavin, Tatooine, Naboo Hutt Expeditionary Forces, Jabba Swooper Leaders, Mummer Bullies, Valarian Swooper Leaders, Desert Demons
Victory Poster Corellia Beladonna NPCs
Viewscreen Technical Reader Corellia, Naboo Swooper Leader, Skaak Tipper NPCs, Dune Stalker, Valarian NPCs, Weequay NPCs
Viewscreen Printer Corellia, Naboo, Talus, Tatooine Swooper Leader, Skaak Tipper NPCs, Sleemo NPCs, Valarian NPCs, Desert Demons
Wanted: Trandoshan Poster Corellia Beladonna NPCs
Wiring Lok, Corellia, Talus Canyon Corsairs, Hidden Dagger NPCs, Lost Aqualish NPCs, A'akuan NPCs, Binyare Pirates